Message from MD

md_medThe recent economic crisis has created global turmoil, challenges as well as opportunities for those who are able to seize them. At District Cooling Company, we managed to further strengthen our foundations and our solid basis for business growth through a simple yet effective formula: We remained loyal to our traditional values which are people, technology and the environment and we continued to invest in those values.

As a result we have continued to sustain impressive sales growth year after year, bringing down one sales record after the other. Perhaps our greatest success upon which we pride ourselves, is our enforcement with human resources and the creation of a cohesive team of professionals with great expertise, who share a strong commitment to our vision and who have the exceptional skills and abilities required to pursue it. All these recent victories, therefore, allow us to confront the future with optimism, to find opportunity in the turmoil of markets and to use the rapid technological advances of our times as a stepping stone for further visions and goals.Because our team has been proven capable of dealing with the challenges of today and those of tomorrow.

Ahmed M. Henedi

Managing Director